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Rent or Book Coworking Serviced Office Space

Rent or Book Coworking Serviced Office Space

A serviced office is an place of work or organization building that is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company, also recognized as an office provider, which then rents individual offices or floors to other companies. If you need serviced office services, PayrollBD is here to help you.

The Importance of Serviced Office Service in Bangladesh

The serviced office is very suitable for emerging companies in Bangladesh, especially those in Dhaka City, because it has some key benefits of serviced offices:

Flexible short-term lease

1. Flexible short-term lease

The lease conditions for serviced offices are very flexible, and many locations offer contracts for only one month. This is ideal for companies that want to maintain agility and work in a space that can quickly expand or shrink according to business plans.

Cost-effective, no downtime

2. Cost-effective, no downtime

Companies only pay for the space in the office they need to serve, and most of the furniture is pre-installed and pre-wired, so high-quality equipment can be used. This means there will be no downtime when you are moving, and it can help you free up extra cash for other business/company priorities.

Access to all the facilities needed

3. Access to all the facilities needed

The standard facilities of a serviced office include a fully staffed reception desk, kitchen, lunch area, cleaning and maintenance services, meeting rooms and cyberspace. Companies can also use additional services and facilities on demand. There are no hidden costs, and budgeting can be done easily.

Enter new markets

4. Enter new markets

Business centers, executive offices or serviced offices are located in many regions around the world, providing a wide range of options for users to establish a foundation. This provides companies with the opportunity to set up locations that cannot otherwise be afforded, and it also provides an opportunity to visit global business centers.

Find & Rent Shared Remote Co-Working Workspace in Serviced Office

High-speed Internet

High-speed Internet

In this modern situation, it is difficult to work without an Internet connection. ParyollBd serviced offices are equipped with high-speed internet. Complete your tasks or conduct smooth business meetings without worrying about a poor internet connection.

Meeting Room On Demand

Meeting Room on Demand

For professionals like you, business meetings are sometimes unavoidable. If your business meeting requires a professional environment, ParyollBd can provide you with various meeting rooms upon request.

Flexible Lease Agreement

Flexible lease Agreement

Starting a new business or freelancing can sometimes be unpredictable. This is where the ParyollBd serviced office is located. We offer flexible lease agreements, starting with a 3-5 month lease.

Useful Services

Useful Services

The ParyollBd serviced office provides useful services, such as a skilled receptionist who can take care of your calls and emails, and provide other management support and daily cleaning services.

Free Business Consultation

Free Business Consultation

The ParyollBd team is composed of experienced on-site consultants and legal experts. They are happy to provide you with free consultation to support your business growth in Vietnam. You are very welcome to consult with us about your business plan or strategy. We will use our knowledge and rich experience to provide you with the best advice or guidance.

FAQ For Serviced Office Services

A serviced office is the solution to all the problems of a start up or small business. It provides companies with a flexible, low-cost, and primarily stress-free opportunity to set up their office without having to worry about long-term commitment or the many overheads that come with commercial office space. Signing up with the right serviced office provider for your business gives you the peace of mind that your ongoing support is needed to make your business a success.

We provide furniture based on the number of people for a suite, PayrollBD’s clients are able to bring their own furniture. Alternatively we can help you to rent or purchase additional furniture at a competitive price.

Overflow Telephone Answers consists of our professional receptionist who answers your calls in the name of your company or according to your chosen instructions. Complete telephone answer packages can also be purchased that allow your company to act as our personal receptionist for our vibrant reception team; Answering all your calls with your chosen wishes and then transferring them via landline, mobile, voicemail or voice email.

Your serviced office suite will be up and running within 24-48 hours of PayrollBD sign-up being completed, no hassle, no headaches, we provide literally all the furniture, IT, telephone and key setup that is really important to you, since you are running a business.
We provide high quality serviced office in Bangladesh.