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Time and Attendance HR Management in Bangladesh

Effective Time and Attendance Management Services

A time and attendance management system can help you get rid of tedious work. We provide a time and attendance management system for you.

The period and participation framework enables companies to filter their representatives’ working hours and attendance hours, early flights, breaks, and non-working hours.

Manage Schedules & Turn Labor Costs With Our Time & Attendance Services

Time and attendance management is a process of tracking how long and many days your employee was present in his workplace. 

An intelligent attendance management system can help you get rid of tedious work. We provide you with Bangladesh’s smart attendance management system.

Our Effective Time & Attendance Management Services

We Offers Various Time & Attendance System Topologies With High Scalability

1. Another Example:

Your employees are working full time. The problem is in machines. But you don’t have any track record of your employee’s time and attendance management. You thought that you should increase the work hour. You declared overtime payment. But that reduced the quality of work.

Enough Examples

 The Attendance Management System allows the HR Manager to calculate for how long an employee works. If your employees are working on an hourly basis and you need to calculate wages, Time & Attendance management systems should be accurate enough to calculate them.

For Salaried employees

you need to know how many days he is present in his workplace. When he comes and when he leaves. It is a great indicator of his sincerity to your company. It also shows that you can trust him with bigger responsibilities.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management helps you know how many days off an employee uses. You can understand whether he has crossed the day off limits or not. Also can track whether it is a sick call day off or vacation days.

How Payroll Manage Time & Attendance Management?

Payroll BD integrates biometric devices and mobile apps. This solves the process. The data will be kept whenever the employee enters or exits. The entire process is cloud based and very secure.

FAQs For Time and Attendance Management Services

How does time & attendance relate to workforce management?

It is important to have simple, intuitive time-and-attendance solutions. You must not be deceived; these systems can be powerful tools to drive operational efficiencies, automate key workforce management processes to reduce costs, and provide real-time management visibility.

How do you define time and attendance management?

Simply put, a time and attendance system allows employers to monitor employees’ working hours – even in real-time – to ensure that schedules are followed, legislation regarding permissible hours is complied with, compulsory breaks are implemented, etc.

What is the purpose of time and attendance management?

The use of time and attendance systems can benefit a business in many ways, from monitoring employees who are early, late or absent to tracking production efficiency to handling high-traffic shift changes more efficiently.

What is time and attendance management technology?

To use T&A hardware, one must use Payroll’s own data collection software or that of a partner. To register at the clock, the user uses the desired media. As soon as the day is over, the employee would mark the clock as ‘out’. So that total times can be reviewed and measured, the clock can send employee, date, and time data to back office systems.

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