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A Leading Trademark Registration Service in Bangladesh

Put A Trademark On Your Unique Identity

Documents For Trademark Registration Service

  1. Most importantly the trademark itself (it can be logo, device, etc)
  2. Plus, the applicant’s name and other details.
  3. If it is a company, the name and other details of the company.
  4. Type of applicant (may be manufacturer, service provider, etc.).
  5. Product or service information.
  6. Government fees applicable to business types
Documents Required For Trademark Registration

Additionally, from trademark registration service to delivery, we do everything for you. Therefore, we will handle all your trademark registration service trouble. As a result, you can focus on growing your business.

Trademark Registration Service In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Check Availability

First, you need to check the availability of a certain trademark. Although not mandatory, a search can ensure that the trademark registration service is available.

Step 2: Power Of Attorney

In case, you are a foreign applicant, you need to appoint a lawyer to act as your representative to complete the procedure. And, We’ll assist you through the process

Step 3: Apply To Authority

After that, you can apply to the competent authority with all the necessary documents. However, if there is no dispute over the trademark, the process ends.

Benefits Of Having A Trademark Registration Service

Most importantly, trademark registration service is distinctive to a company. However, go to the Registrar of Trademarks and make an application. Except, multi-class brand name applications Is not acceptable in Bangladesh. In case, your company name is multi class, make separate applications. In addition, application for a Trademark or a Priority Trademark Application guarantee need for immediate attention. Likewise, we will deliver it within half a year.

Benefits Of Having A Trademark
Restoration Of A Trademark

Restoration Of A Trademark Registration Service

However, you can make an application for restoration of a trademark in the recommended way. Even so, not more than six (6) months before the termination of the last recharging. Recharging is for Ten months. Additionally, a certificate of renewal is given by the registrar as proof of installment of the recharging charge. Customers are accordingly exhorted that they need not stress over the recharging expense until the imprint has been enlisted.

Trademark Laws & Acts

The primary legal law identifying with brand names in Bangladesh was the Trademarks Act, 1940 which presented apparatus for the enlistment and legal insurance of Trademarks in Bangladesh.

This Act of 1940 was supplanted by the Trademark Registration Service Act, 2009 which was proclaimed to change and merge the law identifying with brand names and unreasonable contest and to accommodate the enlistment and better assurance of brand names and for the anticipation of the utilization of deceitful imprints, and for issue subordinate thereto.

Trademark Laws & Acts

FAQ For Trademark Registration Service

What is a trademark?

A trademark identifies and differentiates the source of one party’s product or service from that of another. For example, trademarks may be words, letters, designs, shapes and configurations of products or packaging, or even a sound.

Should all trademarks be registered?

Yes, we highly recommend it for the highest level of protection.

What are the benefits of federal registration?

A federal registration, among other things, gives the public constructive notice of the registrant’s claim to ownership of the mark. Also, establishes a legal presumption of the registrant’s ownership of the mark, its validity, and the registrant’s exclusive right to use the mark in connection with the goods or services.

How expensive is trademark registration?

It depends on the trademark. However, it’s quite affordable even for small organizations.

What happens after an application is filed?

We search thoroughly if a similar trademark exists. If not, then we proceed with the application immediately.

What can't be registered as a trademark?

Model Acts that contain material falsely indicating a relationship with living or deceased person, institutions or national symbols is not acceptable as trademark.

Also, you can’t register materials that bring discredit.

Protect Your Brand Identity With Trademark Registration Service