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Vendor Management Services & Solutions

PayrollBd’s Master Vendor Program is a one-stop solution for large organizations as it helps in managing supplier consolidation, resource transitions, payroll administration, and post-transition program. Sourcing and managing training suppliers of content, materials, and instructor resources on a global scale is a resource and time-intensive business need.

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Master Vendor Program

Our services under the Master Vendor program include:

  • Managing vendors through sole point of contact.
  • Reducing the risks associated with co-employment.
  • Leveraging Collabera’s existing collaboration with sunset suppliers to access crucial resources.
  • Managing contract employees and mitigating liabilities faced by payroll/pass-though management.
  • Allowing Collabera to deal with processes related to invoicing, remittance, timesheet, and administration thus saving considerable amount of time and cost.
  • Encouraging diversity spend through credit.
  • Forecasting and decision-making through Insightful analytics and reports.
  • Fostering seamless, effective, and efficient transformations through cutting-edge accelerators, frameworks, and toolkits.
  • Formidable, all-inclusive systems to enhance the entire sub-vendor management process.
  • Turnkey resource management incorporating activities related to compliance, on-boarding, training and development, and off-boarding.
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Why Use our Vendor Management Suite?

Leveraging the power of an industry-leading VMS solution, such as managing contingent workers offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Cost savings: Avoid paying above-market pay rates and suppler markups, and leverage reporting to evaluate current spend
  • Visibility and transparency: Minimize “rogue” spend by departments and enable measurement of supplier performance
  • Improved talent quality: Optimize the talent pool by enabling more supplier options, particularly with a vendor-neutral approach
  • Reduced compliance risk: Follow consistent processes to ensure full compliance with federal, state and local laws and standards
  • Increased efficiency: Acquire higher-quality workers over a shorter timeline

Again, the rate of improvement in each of these areas will vary based on the business, the solution chosen, the depth of implementation, and the MSP. We combine the world’s most tenured, purely vendor-neutral MSP with Wand, its best-in-class VMS. Together, this unique integrated offering provides clients with a comprehensive workforce management solution.

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Measuring your vendors' performance

We monitor compliance with your critical data and events, like documentation, booking and exceptions. We also measure performance of:

  • Ship window compliance
  • Timely submission of documents
  • Container utilization
  • Accuracy of shipment advice and container manifests
  • Shipment quantity and quality

Our Vendor Management services improve supply chain standards, enabling you and your vendors to maintain quality relationships.

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The best offshore HR firms to outsource payroll.

Educating your vendors

We educate your vendors on your logistics procedures to ensure products are precisely packaged, loaded and delivered. Programs are customized to your unique requirements:

  • Define and communicate your requirements in local language, establishing vendors’ roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure compliance with processes and procedures
  • Create open and seamless communications that link your vendors, PBD and your own operations
  • Promote a spirit of teamwork that drives continuous improvement throughout the entire supply chain

In the past decade, PBD has carried out vendor education programs with companies all around the world.

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Leverage Resources to Minimize Costs

Our Vendor Management Services provide our clients with support and guidance in evaluating current relationship management practices, improving the vendor management process, and defining and executing strategies for reducing the number of different suppliers for goods and services in order to leverage enterprise procurement and minimize procurement overhead.

We also provide contract renegotiation guidance and assistance to clients to introduce improved terms and conditions and address client needs for improved quality of services and reduced pricing.

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Multi-vendor, Multi Country and Benefits

We Coordinate collection of Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments from multiple vendors in multiple countries and arrange shipments from origin and consolidate them into Full Container Loads (FCL) at central hubs finally organize FCL shipments to final destination.

  • Reduced freight costs – Pro-rated freight and destination charges, saving on LCL tariffs
  • Faster transit time – Our weekly hub-and-spoke services help you make LCL shipments without delay
  • Lower delivery expenses – Multiple- country loads are delivered complete, reducing the cost of customs and trucking
  • Less risk – Intact deliveries mean less risk of manages your products sourced from more than one country.
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