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Convenient and Productive Remote Virtual Workspace Services

Productive Remote Office Services

While saving on staff’s wage and benefit costs, our clients can eliminate the time and tool burden of active employee management by decrease the losses rate. Our expert team will help you determine which aspects are most important for your pov staff to have. We recruit expert offshore developers, staff, and employees from all over Bangladesh and maintain the development or promotion of the worldwide projects in our remote office based in Dhaka, Sylhet, and Chittagong

Remote Virtual Workspace

Workforce Solutions

1.Serviced offices

2.Co-working spaces

3.Managed offices

4. Virtual offices

5.Rents, sublets, and seminar units

6.State of art amenities

7.Corporate operation at a low cost

8.Frim furniture placement and

9.100% Internet access


11.Central Location

12.Useful communication

13.Round-the-clock availability

14.Better engagement

15.Expands development capabilities

16.Less HR functions.

17.Security is fully readymade

Successful Remote Office Services

PayrollBD acts as a foreign division for your firm brand. There are no minimum requirements to meet, so your firm can hire one to as many as 10 distant employees on a Part-time/ contractual staff leasing basis or a team of 10 programmers on a Full-time leasing basis. The devoted offshore remote office and hiring facility deploys PayrollBd’s technical infrastructure, processes, and execution capabilities.

Get Our Offshore Staffing Solutions Easily

Hiring a team of professionals can be a taxing exercise. Through PayrollBD, you’ll get highly skilled professionals, based abroad, who will work in remote office. We take care of the infrastructure, technology, and ongoing support required at both ends. The flexibility is there to make sure you get your work is done and meeting deadlines.

Get-Our Offshore Staffing Solutions Easily

The 4 Special Way To Deal With Offshore Workforce

01. Recruit with Headhunters

Recruitment by managers is a rewarding and hiring job. This is one of those duties where the applicants and clients appreciate what you do. Headhunters are those who look for the best applicants rather than the best jobs. These operations can be managed remotely by a our team.

02. Expert HR

An expert job understands the business need across and set their tasks properly. Good Headhunters are often technically refined. The knowledge often convinces a candidate to assume an HR to be a technical person in the business.

03. Experienced Headhunters

Experienced managers are always in high demand. Their remuneration is always high as they have to find the right people to fulfill the job criteria. They aren’t paid to run ads, post jobs and sit in front of a computer. A good headhunter’s time is well spent going viral and take part in the professional community in which he operates.

04. Dealing with top Companies

Our dealing with Top MNC and Bangladeshi Companies across the country and cater to interests in the areas of Manufacturing, EPC, Power, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Process Industries along with Retail, FMCG, Durable and Service Industries for End to End Recruitment Activities. etc.

PayrollBd is a well-known offshore IT Staffing company that provides professional hiring solutions for small to medium and large corporate companies. Through various communications streams that are present, the project manager would stay in contact with you at all stages of the project.

1.We would work as per your test cases and funds.

2.We offer a world of options to select from.

3.Project talent shortages in a home-based market like

4. Hong Kong, Uk, Singapore or others.

5. Able to permit longer working days or an asynchronous functioning style.

1.Always look for source and employee potential candidates after performing a rigorous test.

2.We even negotiate on the remuneration front to make things easier for you.

3. Reduce cost by using cheap staff in an strong economy.

4.Types of Remote Teams

There is a wide variety of remote teams that we can offer:

  1. Cross-functional teams for growth projects.
  2. Teams of software developers.
  3. Teams of analysts and data scrapers.
  4. Teams for social media management.
  5. Teams for sales and business development.

Helping Entrepreneurs To Start Companies

If you are growing your business in Dhaka, Bangladesh, our global agility team can help with:

1. Global immigration and visa services

2. Mobilization and logistics services

3. Relocation management

4. Payroll outsourcing and taxation services

5. Contractor care management

1. Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO)

2. Employer of Record (EOR)

3. Project talent mapping

4. HR data analytics

5. Compensation and market-rate benchmarking

1. Skills tests

2. Strategic workplace planning

3. Performance and risk management advice

4. Remote office and hiring of Global talent

5.Talent outsourcing for teams

Hire Amazing Quality Remote Staff Zero Hassle

We have experienced HR recruitment teams with strong capabilities in senior/ mid or executive, technical engineering, and “hard-to-fill” positions. We have a global database of key ‘C’ grade profiles within the oil and gas, rail, infrastructure, process, and mining sectors.

FAQs For Remote Office Addresses

What do the work remotely mean?

Remote work is a type of portable work system that allows an employee to work remotely outside of the corporate office. Remote work arrangements can be temporary or permanent.

How do we prepare employees for remote office work?

Business should be done to make it suitable for remote work:

1.Give all necessary equipment to your staff.

2.Make sure security.

3.Set up a time tracking program.

4.Make sure a stable line of communication.

5.Representatives work smartly.

How do you keep employees connected virtually?

Here are five creative ways companies can engage their remote employees.

1.Host virtual classes and shows.

2.Sending fun and nice care packages.

3.Motivate employee side projects.

4.Creating a culture of connection.

5.Showing appreciation.

What is the difference between remote and virtual?

Virtual team or remote team means almost the same thing, a group of people who work for common projects and goals through electronic communication.

Our Remote Office Service Is For New Entrepreneurs To Successful Their New Ideas