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Strategic Workforce Management

Strategic Workforce Management In Bangladesh

Identify and develop the skills of your workforce with ease. PayrollBD provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with our strategic workforce management team to achieve success in business results.

Improved Employee Productivity With Our Strategic Workforce Management Services

Organizations that recognize PayrollBD  as the opportunity for transformational change create sustainable business value and deliver an innovative employee experience, reduced costs, and business wide strategic workforce management. Capture skills within your organization and teams across countries and different languages to better understand employees’ capabilities and possible skill gaps.

Workforce Scheduling Services
Well Strategic Planning

Get Better Labor Planning, Lower Operational Cost With Our Service

Strategic Workforce Management Solutions For You

Strategic Workforce

Understand the skill set that team responsibilities and capabilities, and work to improve them in tandem with your strategy. Determine which personnel can be groomed for future positions. To your quantitative workforce data, add the all-important qualitative factors. A strategic workforce management strategy is a methodical, disciplined approach to identify  gaps between present and expected manpower needs.

Engage Employees

You may work with us to provide an up-to-date and enhanced employee experience, as well as a more agile and healthy working environment, by changing Human Resources from transactional to tactical tasks. There are many considerations to consider when embarking on a digital Human Resource journey, from developing a strong business case to ensuring the rollout achieves optimum results. Our Team is professional in this area within 14th years.

Time & Attendance

We’ve pooled our HR Transformation knowledge and created a series of tools to assist you get ready for the journey. With complete visibility and approval privileges for store managers, our Employee Self-Service allows retail associates to participate in the labor scheduling process. Corporate and store managers can use a time and attendance system to track labor and stay in compliance with labor laws, union regulations, and store rules.

Stay Compliant

Our strategic workforce management increase your company .

  1. Customize your on-boarding / interview process
  2. Collect all your KYC docs in one place
  3. We handle compliance and verification for you
  4. Source talent, onboard them in minutes
  5. Integrate to your existing ATS
  6. Onboard your existing freelancer with their work history

HR Operations

Our professional teams are part of the HR Operations area, which also includes other core service teams that provide support, and administration in the following areas:

  1. Recruitment and contract changes
  2. Immigration and agreement
  3. Pay and benefits
  4. Job rating
  5. Maintaining staff records
  6. The supply of HR management information

HRM Portfolio

Managing your company’s HR roles takes a lot of time. But you didn’t begin your business to become an HR expert. Our HRM service portfolio includes:

1. Onboarding Services
2. HR Administration
3. Payroll Tax Support
4. Benefits Administration
5. Timesheet and Expense Management
6. HRIS Set-up Services
7. Background Check
8. Administrative Support

We Also Offer Effective HR Audits And Management Services

There are numerous different types of HR audits. Audits can be complete, including how a business functions and revision skills. Whatever the need, we’ll update the process for you. Getting to the bottom of a office complaint, especially a serious one, can be complicated. Leave it to us to help you sort it all out.

The 4 HR Audits Services Include Are:

  1. Advancement of policy and program manuals and guidelines;
  2. Administration of classification and compensation plans;
  3. Administration of training and professional development programs;
  4. Providing organizational oversight and management of the staffs information system to support human resource processes and transactions.
HR Recruitment

Get Efficient Time & Attendance Tracking With Our Workforce Management Process

You’ll easily get access to our complete HR portal where you can measure, track, and review critical documents anytime, anywhere. Our Strategic Workforce Management can recognize key performance indicators and assess your present and future labor needs. Staffing Process Outsourcing is our specialty.

Transmitting payroll
Distribution of pay statements/checks
Verification of employment to 3rd parties
Vacation tracking (provided with Payroll services)
Entering time/hours worked into the payroll system
Payroll reporting
Payroll Management
Employee reviews
Job descriptions
PTO requests
Employee handbooks
Company communication, and more.
Effective Staffing & Recruiting Process


Companies can eliminate manual and time-consuming processes using modern Workforce Management solutions. Both employees and administrators benefit from this, as it reduces the risk of errors and delays as well as providing reliable information about the company’s operations.

Workforce Management features include:
1. Measuring the working time and absence of employees and making that information available to payroll and other HR systems
2.Compliance with working time and holiday/leave legislation by employers
3. Supporting the planning process to create efficient and fair work schedules
4. Monitor the productivity of the employees/company
The self-service module provides access to one’s working hours, account balances, and shift swapping or selling.

Workforce Management vendors come in different types. Solutions for Workforce Management range from specialized solutions with varying use and opportunities , to Human Capital Management solutions that cover the entire HR landscape and even solutions tailored to industry-specific needs, such as healthcare or call center.

Typically, the cost of a Workforce Management solution is determined by how many employees are to register their time in the system, its use, and which registration devices are chosen. So, you will need to invest in the appropriate hardware and software in addition to paying for annual support.

Are You Looking For Affordable Strategic Workforce Management?