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Manpower Recruitment Agency And Services India

Strategic Workforce Management

Identify and develop the skills of your workforce with ease. PayrollBD provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with our strategic workforce management team to achieve success in business results.

Organizations that recognize PayrollBD  as the opportunity for transformational change create sustainable business value and deliver an innovative employee experience, reduced costs, and business wide strategic improvements. Capture skills within your organization and teams across countries and different languages to better understand employees’ capabilities and possible skill gaps.

Strategic Workforce

strategic workforce

Understand the skill set underlying roles and the capabilities of teams, and actively develop them along your strategy. Understand which employees can be developed into future roles. Add the all-important qualitative element to your quantitative workforce data.

Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

  • Customise your on-boarding / interview process
  • Collect all your KYC docs in one place
  • We handle compliance and verification for you
  • Source talent, onboard them in minutes
  • Integrate to your existing ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Onboard your existing freelancers with all their work history
Engage Employees

Engage employees

You can partner with us to introduce a modern and improved employee experience and deliver a more agile and robust way of working while shifting HR from transactional to strategic activities. When you embark on a digital HR journey, there are many questions to answer; from creating a sound business case to ensuring the roll out reaps maximum results.

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

We have brought our experience in HR Transformation together and developed a set of tools helping you to prepare for the journey. Our Employee Self-Service empowers store associates to take part in the labor scheduling process, with full visibility and approval privileges for store managers. Time & Attendance system provides corporate and stores managers with the ability to track labor and stay in compliance with labor laws, union regulations, and store rules.

HR Operations

HR Operations

Our Teams work within the HR Operations area, which incorporates other core service teams providing specialist support, guidance and administration in the areas of:

  • Recruitment and contract changes
  • Immigration and compliance
  • Pay and benefits
  • Job evaluation
  • Maintaining staff records
  • The provision of HR management information
HRM Portfolio

HRM Portfolio

Managing your company’s HR responsibilities takes a lot of time. But you didn’t start your business to become an HR expert. Our HRM service portfolio includes:

Onboarding Services
Payroll Administration
Payroll Tax Support
Benefits Administration
Timesheet and Expense Management
HRIS Set-up Services
Background Check
Administrative Support

Staffing & Recruiting

Maximize your company’s Return on Employee with improved recruitment strategies. We can identify key performance indicators and assess your current and future labor needs. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is our speciality.

You’ll get access to our all-inclusive HR portal so you can measure, track, and review critical documents anytime, anywhere including:

  • Transmitting payroll
  • Distribution of pay statements/checks
  • Verification of employment to 3rd parties
  • Vacation tracking (provided with Payroll services)
  • Entering time/hours worked into the payroll system
  • Payroll reporting
  • Employee reviews
  • Job descriptions
  • PTO requests
  • Employee handbooks
  • Company communication, and more.

HR Audits

There are many different types of HR audits. Audits can be broad, incorporating how a business operates and reviewing efficiencies, or they can identify potential problems and lead to timely corrective measures. Whatever the need, we’ll streamline the process for you. Getting to the bottom of a workplace complaint, especially a very serious one, can be tricky business. Emotions run high and the consequences of botching the process or failing to uncover the truth are nothing to mess with. Leave it to us to help you sort it all out. Our Services Include:

  • Development of policy and program manuals and guidelines;
  • Administration of classification and compensation plans;
  • Administration of training and professional development programs;
  • Providing administrative oversight and management of the personnel information system to support human resource processes and transactions.
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