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human resource Consultancy in Bangladesh.

Digital Forensics Investigation Service

Our Forensic team of accomplished forensic scientists who are combining their years of specialised knowledge, unique experience and skillsets to make professional forensic science accessible to all, regardless of which side of the courtroom they sit on. Our discreet professionals combine experience, subject matter knowledge and deep industry expertise across the globe.

Digital Forensics & Investigation Services

The pervasive use of computers and portable electronic devices has resulted in the increasing importance of electronic evidence. Our Digital Forensics & Investigation team can assist law firms and corporations to recover the valuable digital ‘audit trail’ and conduct forensic analysis to ensure that all crucial evidence is available to support an investigation or a legal case. We also conduct commercial investigations for business owners in a wide range of situations such as suspected industrial espionage, copyright infringement and fraud.

Our internationally integrated forensic, investigations, and litigation teams are adept at uncovering as well as presenting economic evidence, detecting, deterring fraudulent activity, and supporting companies involved in existing or pending litigation, alternative dispute resolution proceeding or investigation. We are the first private and independent one-stop center to provide a commercial comprehensive suite of forensic services in Bangladesh and beyond to meet your pressing needs:

  • Consultancy
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Training
  • Education

Our forensic investigation services are effective against:

  • Digital Forensics
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Fraud (e.g. credit card, insurance, charities)
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Data Theft
  • Identity Theft
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Misconduct
  • Other Types of Investigations (e.g. pre- & post-employment screening, surveillance)

We assist to recover facts to prove or disprove an allegation pertaining to your case. We use industry approved forensic tools and work on custodian copies of the acquired data to support our analysis and to ensure evidentiary integrity. Typically, the cases that we have dealt with involve employee data theft, inappropriate computer use, compliance issues, and general fraud.  We know the anxiety when your network is compromised. Finding out “what”, “when”, “where” and “why” it happened can be a challenge without the proper knowledge and tools. Our Network Forensics experts are able to re-construct the sequence of events and pinpoint causes of the problem while maintaining evidence integrity to pursue possible legal action.

HR Management & Projects
staffing solutions, payroll services & human resource management

Members of our team have worked on some of the biggest cases that have hit headlines over the past few years. We are experts in the following areas:

  1. Bloodstain pattern
  2. Counterfeit drugs
  3. Controlled drugs and Toxicology
  4. Damage, Marks and Prints (e.g.Firearms, Toolmarks, Shoeprints and Impressions)
  5. Fires and Explosions
  6. Questioned Documents (e.g. Handwriting, handwriting & signature, Tampering & Forgery)
  7. Scene analysis and Reconstruction
  8. Scientific simulations
  9. Trace Evidence
  10. Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  11. Unknown chemicals and materials
  12. Forensic Video and Image Analysis
Investigations And Consultancy

Investigations and Consultancy

Our Forensic Diligence professionals assist organizations and legal counsel in identifying and mitigating financial, operational and reputational risks inherent to mergers and acquisition transactions. They possess deep experience in anti-corruption due diligence, both pre- and post-close, as well as related investigations and compliance matters. In addition, they are proficient in conducting in-depth risk analyses of fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, restrictions on trade and export, related-party transactions, and conflicts of interest. We have global capabilities and resources to address potential issues in transactions across all geographies and industries.

Finding The Right Solutions

Finding the Right Solutions

Forensic Investigations and consultancy services we are committed to meet this excellence by delivering timely report/opinion in various domains of the field. We have used our expertise to benefit the field of forensic science as a whole, and now we are offering that expertise to you and your team.  Be assured that the forensic consultancy and analysis of physical evidence is carried out in strict and complete confidentiality. Our Claims professionals also assist companies to recover financial losses through the preparation of commercial insurance claims and government grant applications following catastrophic losses.

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