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A Leading Digital Forensics Investigation Services

A Leading Digital Forensics Investigation Service

Our Digital forensics investigation team will combine their years of specialized knowledge, unique experience, and skillsets to make forensic science available to all clients. Regardless, our discreet professionals combine experience, subject matter knowledge and deep industry expertise to deliver service worldwide.

Forensics Investigation Service With Payrolllbangladesh

Our Digital Forensics Investigation team can assist organizations in establishing a major information library and conducting direct scientific examinations to ensure that all critical evidence is available to support a case. In addition, we provide company audits for entrepreneurs. Aside from that, our forensic investigations and litigation teams across the world are experts at uncovering facts. In addition, we are responsible for providing economic proof, detecting fraudulent conduct, and assisting corporations in litigation. Furthermore, we are Bangladesh’s first private and independent service provider.

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Forensics Investigation Offers Protection Against

Industrial Espionage
Cyber Crime
Identity Theft
Intellectual Property Theft

The 6 Key Advantages Of Forensics Investigation

  1. Firstly, a huge variety of applications.
  2. Secondly, it offers cybersecurity.
  3. Thirdly, medical examinations.
  4. Moreover, inclusive drug tests.
  5. Furthermore, it offers biometric technology.
  6. Finally, fraud detection.
Advantages Of Forensics Investigation

What Services Do We Offer?

Our team members have worked on some of the biggest cases over the past few years. However, we have expertise in the following cases:

  1. Bloodstain Pattern
  2. Counterfeit Drugs
  3. Drugs & Toxicology
  4. Damage Marks & Prints
  5. Fires & Explosions
  6. Questioned Documents
  7. Scene Analysis & Reconstruction
  8. Scientific Simulations
  9. Trace Evidence
  10. Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  11. Unknown Chemicals & Materials
  12. Forensic Video & Image Analysis

Digital Forensics Investigation Strategies

Investigations & Consultancy

Investigations & Consultancy

Our digital forensics investigation service assist organizations in identifying and mitigating financial, operational and reputational risks. Moreover, they possess deep experience in anti-corruption due diligence. Therefore, they are fluent in conducting in-depth risk analyses of fraud, threats, and handle conflict of interest.

Finding The Right Solutions

Finding The Right Solutions

Forensic Investigations and consultancy make reports in various parts of the field. However, we have utilized our skills to profit the field of forensic science in general. And now, we are offering that aptitude to you and your team. Be guaranteed that, the criminological consultancy and investigation is done in severe and complete privacy.


How much do you charge?

We have created customized rate schedules based on varying levels of complexity. Moreover, our clients are served based on their needs.

How do you use forensic tools?

Our experts know how to use forensic tools. Besides that, you can use our application to follow investigations more closely.

How can I register for PayrollBD forensic services?

You can email or call us. After that, we will let you know all the information in details.

Are you able to offer reduced rates and bono services?

Depending on the circumstances, yes. Our philosophy at is that everyone deserves a fair trial and should have access to high-quality expertise. As a result, we offer reduced rates to clients who have previously qualified for indigent or court-appointed defense. Ultimately, we believe that the facts are contained within the data and the methodology of digital forensics. However, our role is that of independent analysts, not advocates.

How does a digital forensic analyst work?

The first rule of computer forensic evidence analysis is to not alter the evidence in any way. However, once you register for our service, we will walk you through the process.

How do you maintain confidentiality and security?

As part of our mission statement, we hold any and all findings of our examinations in the strictest confidence. Therefore, all of our engagement agreements are accompanied by a standard non-disclosure clause. As well as, physically securing digital media evidence, we also encrypt the acquired data to prevent outside parties from accessing it.

Easy Protection With Digital Forensics Investigation Service